Friday, September 16, 2011

O HAI GAIZ, i got b&

Hai, if you don't know already, I got banhammered from AdSense for not enough useful and original content.

It's kinda ironic, because the day before I posted about looking for the content this blog should have.

Those bastards won't even pay me. Why not pay me? I got the views and I got the clicks and everything was valid and shit. They finalized my earnings from the last month. I had 48 euros finalized. I would understand if they didn't pay me these money, because I was cheating or shit like that. But take away my earnings, because they didn't like the content? I was fucking busy with university stuff and work and just had not enough time to create original content. And so I posted the music I like to keep you guys entertained while I get my shit together and find time for writing.

And they gave me webmaster's advice in the ban e-mail. What for? Didn't you just ban me for life, Google? What do I need your advice for now? Maybe if you sent a warning before you banned me, I could follow your advice and improve the quality of this blog.

Now, is the above original enough?

So now, a totally unoriginal animated gif.


  1. Sorry to hear that man. I really enjoyed you posting music and can't see an issue with it, honestly. Google right now are keeping your generated money, they're not repaying the adverisers or any stuff so it really is rightfully yours. Instead of getting upset and giving in though why not contact them, talk to them about reversing the ban if you remove the unoriginal content and stuff? I'm sure if you present a decent argument you'll be sorted

  2. Actually, it said in the e-mail that they are going to repay the advertisers. And I've read that advertisers actually get repayed for invalid clicks on their ads - read that in a story of someone who was using AdWords and who was getting his money back from invalid clicks and then was banned for invalid clicks... So maybe they really do. And my chances of getting my account back are so tiny, I don't think I'll bother. Owners of big websites with lots of content get banned for a couple of invalid clicks after years of hard work. They won't care about some guy, who had a blog like this one for a month... Why would they?

  3. Wow.... It sucks man. Sorry to hear that.

  4. my condolences, seems like google takes this like serious business, when we do it for fun...