Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Firefox Interface Customization - How to maximize screen real estate without sacrificing functionality

If you want to have as much space for websites in your browser, without using a fullscreen mode - then choose Firefox. It's the most customizable browser in the market and my personal favorite. I do use Chrome though for when sheer speed is most important.

There are a few tricks to cramming as much interface as possible in the smallest space. I've come to a point that I can't really compact it anymore ;) The whole visible interface consists of a menu bar and a tab bar. The whole interface has a height of 41 pixels ;]

The extensions I use to achieve such a compact interface are:

Classic Compact (theme)
and its companion extension Classic Compact Options

Download Statusbar (downloads on a bar, like in Chrome)

FireGestures (any mouse gestures extension will replace the arrow buttons)

Hide Caption Titlebar Plus

Omnibar (combine URL and Search fields)

And a couple custom Stylish userstyles

I'll update the post will additional details and tips later.


  1. that's almost the thing i like... but i love the way chrome is done. only tabs and adress bar.. but you too much icons ) but that is mine thought

  2. Icons are there for the easiest and quickest access. I've got loads of other bookmarks in those folders on the left.

  3. nice tips. gonna try it out

  4. nice man, but i'll stick with my chrome :)

  5. Another reason why Firefox is the best.

  6. Indeed, firefox is truly the best browser!

  7. Nice tip man, gotta try it sometime..

  8. Chrome is a bitch about plugins, Mozilla ftw.
    But i don't like fullscreen mode :c