Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tiny Useful App: ClipX

Ever needed to paste something from 5 minutes before and was annoyed when after pressing CTRL+V, something you copied 2 minutes ago appeared and then you had to go back to wherever you copied that thing you need from and copy it again?

I've got a solution.

ClipX is a clipboard manager application, that stays in your tray and stores everything you copy. All the clipboards (graphic, text, files) are available through the app's icon or different hotkeys. It is possible to open a popup menu in almost any application from which you have access to your clipboard history. Each history item can be selected either by mouse or an assigned keyboard shortcut. A couple of plugins are also available that provide additional capabilities (e.g. adding permanent items to the clipboard history).

I highly recommend this app.

Download ClipX here.