Friday, August 26, 2011

Might as well post this here ;)

Here's my Dropbox referral link. I'm running out of space (4.1GB used out of 4.75GB), so I could use some more GBs. If you don't know what Dropbox is, it's a file syncing service that lets you sync your files across your computers/devices and Dropbox server (you can access them from anywhere via a web interface). The client app creates a folder the contents of which are synced with other computers/devices. It also lets you share files with other people via a public folder (direct links to files). Syncing via LAN is also possible... and much more ;)

I'm liking their service a lot! You should check it out. By registering from my link, we will both get additional space. 2GB is free and can be increased to 8GB with referrals. Available server space can be doubled for people that have access to an .edu email address - I think it's 20GB total without paying a cent.

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